Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry F***ing Christmas!

Today's Activities:

Wake up at 11 am.
Stay in bed and read until noon, but only get up because I really, really need to pee.
Make and eat breakfast (toaster waffles and free-range turkey sausage patties).

Wait for 1pm to roll around, so that I can start watching A Christmas Story from the beginning (it's on for 24 hours straight on TNT, hard to miss).
Watch Black Adder's Christmas Carol and start preparing dinner.

Dinner menu:
Roasted turkey breast. Turned out magnifico, mahogany skin and juuuiicy.
Stuffing. Stove Top brand, but I added dried cherries and pignolas to it.
Cranberry sauce from a can. Gotta have those ridges or it just isn't right.
Mashed potatoes. From scratch, thank you.
Gravy. Packaged, but with all the juicy bits from the turkey added in.
Fresh asparagus with real Hollandaise sauce. Yum!

Eat dinner and watch The Ref (a Dennis Leary holiday movie that is effin' funny), sporadically interrupted by calls from family.

Clean up. A little.

Watch the last bit of The Ref, followed by the holiday songs episode of South Park (missed the dreidl song, but caught "Merry F***ing Christmas, so all was not lost).

Finish the evening with A Wish for Wings That Work. Opus!

Early to bed to read, likely finishing my book from this morning.

All in all, a happy holiday!

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