Saturday, March 15, 2003

Well, I just found out that it is actually in the low 50s, not 60s, but I'm still keeping the windows open for a bit longer. Of course, the fresh air is moving all the dust around in my apartment, which is causing my allergies to flare up. More kleenexes are going to an early grave.

Ahhhhh. It is in the low 60s, and I have opened three windows in my apartment. Much better. The cats are incredibly happy to be breathing fresh air (they don't get out much). I'm also bleaching my shower curtain (canvas) to get rid of a horrific build-up of mildew (never had this problem before, must be the apartment), so it is really nice, and much safer, to get a cross-breeze through the place.

My recent accomplishments: Cleaning the rug shampooer, vacuuming the bathroom (easier than sweeping), cleaning the old litter boxes, in order to store them, doing a shitload of dishes, reserving a plane ticket to my Dad's retirement party, boxing up out of season clothes and things I just don't wear very often, cat-proofing my bedroom closet (found out that Misha was clawing at the plastic clothes "protector" that housed my wedding dress and another delicate dress, which is now snagged), tidying my coat closet, tidying my linen closet (hmm, lots of closet work lately...), and getting more snags and snarls out of Misha's coat, caused by the bath which he needed after grinding poop into his fur. Leather gloves are much better than suffering from the now-permanent scars on my hands from his teeth. Dumb cat. Okay, okay, dumb owner too.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Let's see, I'm getting over a nasty cold, I'm starting to box up my apartment in preparation for moving (3-4 months from now, but who's counting), and I'm trying to convince myself that while a bit of messiness keeps me sane, coffee cups stuck to the counter are not good. Cat hair all over the apartment is not good. Leaving the dirty water sit in the new rug shampooer that I bought for the express purpose of cleaning up cat-poo from all the rugs in the apartment (I actually took pictures, it was so gross) is not good. I need to clean.

But I'm still sniffly and I ache and I wanna sit on the computer and wander aimlessly around the web until I decide on a domain name and read everyone's blogs and copy down nifty craft projects and add yet another dozen books to my reading list and forget all the gazillion logons and password combinations that I have ever made up and not be able to sign-in on any of my accounts and pick up all the kleenexes lying on the floor because of my damn cold.

Dammit. I've come full circle to cleaning the apartment again.