Friday, January 27, 2006

Reading List

I just wanted to point out a new feature of this blog. If you scroll most of the way down the page, on the right sidebar you can see the five most recent books which I have read. One of my New Year's resolutions was to keep track of what I actually read and so far, so good. But I do have a question: should I keep track of all the recipe books that I continuely check out? I mean, I'm not reading them cover-to-cover, but I do essentially read them. What do you think?


The following is not by me, but by a co-worker. I thought it deserved a little online-immortality. Plus, I'm trying to encourage her to start a blog. Enjoy!

An entire package of bacon. One 30-minute span of time. One woman, not really hungry, but finding it impossible to ignore the call of the wild game in the refrigerator.

She cooks

and eats

3 pieces.

The bacon is talking!

"Eat me, eat me!"

"But I don't even really want you anymore! I know if I eat he rest of you, you'll just make me sick to my stomach!"

"No, baby! This time will be different! I've learned my lesson! C'mon back to me now!"

"No, I really am not hungry anymore. I'm going to put you back. And besides, I got distracted watching the cats and now you're kind of burnt."

"Naw, baby! You know what they say; the blacker the bacon, the sweeter the juice!"

"Well.....ok...but just this last time! I can't keep sneaking around behind my husband's back and eating you like this! I don't know if he noticed you in here the other day, but if he did and he comes home this morning for a piece of you, I am a dead woman!!"

[proceeds to cook and eat entire package]

[bacon proceeds to do like he always does--float around on a little raft on the grease river sipping his jack and coke and thinkin' about which woman's life he can destroy next]

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Momentary lapse of sanity

I just had a double-take that was so powerful that I think I strained my fingers scrolling the mouse-wheel back so fast.

As part of my job, I'm creating numerous links within our online catalog. One of the things I'm linking is instructor names. So, I'm looking for "Griffin" and I'm zipping through the "Gs."

And my head snaps to attention as I think I see someone with the last name of "Goatse." EEeeeeeeeee!!!

Well, after furiously scrolling back up, I discover that this poor unfortunate instructor's name is actually Goetze.

Close enough. Especially when you read as fast as I can.


Monday, January 02, 2006

More curvy, less bloopy

Okay. First off, I just want to make it clear that this blog was never intended to become a weight-loss blog. But, I've been thinking (and thinking, and thinking) a lot recently and I need to share. This sharing was also prompted by a recent visit to the doctor (not my usual practitioner) for a problem with my ankle. He told me that losing weight would help, which is always annoying (and often not completely accurate) to hear, so I pointed out the following to him.

As of today, I have lost over fifty-three (yes, 53) pounds.

It was fun to watch him flip madly through my chart.

I am now considered (medically, anyway) overweight, instead of obese. That's a lot of weight (hah!) off my mind. I have quite a number of pounds to go before I'm in my so-called "healthy weight range (yeah, I'm still cynical about a lot of the medical/insurance industry's guidelines, gimme a break), but it doesn't seem so unattainable now. I haven't been dieting for the past three months, but I've been continuing to exercise (I love yoga) and my weight has been stable, so I'm taking it as a sign that I'm going to be successful in keeping the 53 pounds off.

Most of the clothes in my closet no longer fit me (they're too big!), so I finally had to go through the closet and weed heavily. I also need new underwear (they keep sliding off my ass) and I just discovered this morning that my favorite pair of jeans, which I haven't been able to wear since 2000, are now a bit baggy.

So, what are my plans now? I'm going back to Weight Watchers, but I'm going to use the "Online meetings" option. I just signed up today and am realizing that the gingerbread that I am currently baking (the house smells wonderful!) is likely going to last a loooong time, unless I want to use up all my points on it today.

I am now about the size that I was when I got married in 1997. I have lost almost all the weight that I put on while I was married and while I was getting divorced. Yay me!

That's enough for now.

Rejoining Weight Watchers

I’ve been on WW before and it was great, except for the touchy-feely meetings and the expense. This time around, I’m going to try the Online option and see if I can still lose weight on the plan. Going to meetings I lost 23 pounds (I lost 30 pounds on my own before joining WW), so hopefully I will have similar results with the electronic meetings. Wish me luck!