Thursday, July 24, 2003

Whiny, yet hopeful

Moving! Why am I doing this again? Stupid UHaul. They are all booked up at the local office, so I may have to "travel" to get my truck. Dammit. And I am desperately trying to find people to help me schlep stuff. Again. Only one good neighbor so far (thanks Shea!), but I put out another whiny email to the local SCA group, in hopes of suckering in a few others.

At least once I move into my new place I can unpack everything (remember that living out of boxes thing?). I may be able to find my spare styli for my Visor handheld. And more clothes, since my only pair of jean shorts has developed a worn-out spot. You know how everyone has particular wear-patterns on their clothes? Well, mine is on the inner thigh, usually the left one, towards the back. Looks like I've been rubbing my ass with sand paper.

Oh yeah. The American government sucks.

And on the feline front, I have never vacuumed so frequently in all my life. I feel like a 1950s housewife who cleans every day. The floors looked like I had taken both cats and dragged them around by their tails untlil all their fur was rubbed off on my carpets. I am sooo looking forward to having wood floors again.

Sunday, July 20, 2003


Bad things that have happened lately:

It is hot again. And sticky.
One of the cats peed in the comics that I was going to sell (I saved most).
I don't have enough summer clothing that isn't packed away in boxes.
I found out that my friend C has had a relapse of his cancer.

Good things that have happened lately:

I helped Shea put together his new bed. Hammers were used to threaten said bed.
I made chocolate malts. I make good malts (I'm an ex-soda jerk).
I got half the dishes washed (yay me!).
I visited C in Chicago. He and Darryn have a new apartment/condo; very nice. Good visit, good friends.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Whiny, whine, whine

Eeeeyaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!! I am so sick and tired of living in this pigsty!

Not my fault, I'm subletting and waiting to move in to my permanent place of residence on Agust 1st. I am not so much as living out of boxes, and not able to reach my stuff because it is all in boxes. I can't find anything, I can't start or finish any projects, and I can't cook in this tiny, useless kitchen! I couldn't live in my sublet without having some of my stuff out, so I have furniture, basic dishes, and such, but now I'm going to have to pack it all back up again. Son. Of. A. Bitch. I hate moving. Unless the new place tumbles down around my ears, I'm staying there until I move out of the city, if I ever do.

I hate carpeting, I hate that there is little to no airflow in this hovel, and I hate that I am living so close to other people. I need my space! No more apartment complexes for me, especially ones that areso fucking small.

Time to go pack for my trip to Chicago. Hopefully I can find everything I need to take with me.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yay! The heat has ceased a bit! Still need the fan on, but I can now successfully sit at my computer and surf aimlessly without breaking a sweat! After all, what use is web-surfing if you get exhausted doing it? I've been hiding from the heat at Shea and Kathleen's place because they have central air. All hail the blessed CA! I have a window air conditioner in my bedroom, but that will only cool the one room. Good for sleeping (even if I have to exile the cats to the oven that it the rest of my apartment, and then feel guilty about it), but not much else.

Had a good 4th of July. Shea and Kathleen hosted Meat Fest 2003. Shea went smoker-mad and cooked much flesh. Very yummy. My cornbread salad was a hit, even though people didn't take any leftovers with them and I am now stuck with an enormous amount of salad in my fridge, which I will never be able to eat before it goes bad. Poor Kathleen was sick the entire time (not from the party, thank the gods of public health), and Shea has a torn pec, and I'm easy (!), so I got to play Feast-o-Crat (tm) and order people around the (indoor and air-conditioned) kitchen. I am mistress of the vegetable slicing, yes I am! "Boil those potatoes! Wash those hands! Avast, ye scurvy...uh...."