Thursday, February 26, 2004


I installed IM yesterday. I am either very popular, or female. I'm guessing the second one. Had to ignore some scary people, but met some nice ones. We'll see where this leads. Oh yeah, I'm yanajenn on Yahoo, if anyone cares. But I have boobs, so I'm betting they do.

Princess Bride Quiz Results


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Princess Bride Quiz Results

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Laughed. My. Ass. Off. Then I went to the drug store

Watch this. No, watch this. It isn't very long and it is an actual commercial from Germany. Why can't American commercials be like this?

Wrap It Commercial

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Accomplishments 101

New Year's Resolutions
I am definitely behind on listing these, but I've actually been keeping up with them. Yay me!

Use up pantry items. Essentially, stop collecting food.
Eat more healthily (is that grammatical?)
Exercise regularly. Does once a month count?

Today's Accomplishments

Cleaned aquarium. Realized I was missing a fish. Decided he must have been part of the sludge I cleaned out of the filter. Ew, bad fish-mom.

Baked a loaf of rye bread, sans caraway ('cause they look and taste like mouse turds). It was "meh." Likely due to the recipe and not my cooking skills, mercifully. Now looking for someone to foist it off on, or a recipe to make it into something else. At least I used up rest of mystery flour (see below).

Cleaned up very floury kitchen.

Applied for many jobs. Yay me, again!

Tonight's extravaganza: Taxes. And using up the mystery rice.

Recent accomplishments, somehow all involving food:

Baked a loaf of bread, in order to find out what type of flour was in a particular jar. It was white bread flour. The bread was decent.

Made bread pudding out of the leftover above bread. Pretty good, but needed a custard sauce to go on top of it. Unfortunately, I used up all the eggs making the pudding.

Roasted a roast (beef). Very nice, juicy, and flavorful. Still have leftovers that need eating, lucky me. need more mayo so I can make beef salad sandwiches.

Big pat

Make that 5 jobs. Heh.

Pat, pat

Applied for four jobs today and followed up on one previously applied for. I deserve a big hug. i'm calling "extra-help" services tomorrow (University temp-jobs) and kicking myself for not thinking of them sooner, especially since I worked for them years ago. Okay, maybe that's why I didn't think of them.

Friday, February 20, 2004

My life

Bought the kids (the cats) new toys from Farm and Fleet the other day. Love the store, although I always feel like I shouldn't be shopping there, sophisticate that I am. Bought the cats some more real-fur mice, which they love, but I manage to vacuum up all the time. Then they look at me with their sad little faces, 'cause I ate their toys.

Had to pull off the mice's eyes and noses, though, since the cats were liable to choke on the plastic. Spent ten minutes using my fingernails to inflict Inquisition-style torture on the poor things! Oh well, the cats shredded them with glee, so either way the toys were doomed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I always wanted a pony

Can anyone explain to me the physics of cat feet? I've always thoght of cats as soft-footed, pattering little creatures, but mine sound like miniature horses. Clomp, clomp, clomp all around the house (wood floors). I swear, they are stomping their feet on purpose, especially in the wee morning hours.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Bitter, much?

And how am I spending Valentine's Day, you ask? Why, pretty much the same exact way I celebrated it when I was married: ALONE. Bah.

And eating mangoes over the kitchen sink.

Vagina Dialogues

I think I've found a new sig-line (no, not really). At least I got a lot of exercise from laughing so hard. From The Ferret:

"Frankly, I've come to thinking of vaginas as unique little gardens, with a well in the middle and little rows of grass around the edges. Some are well-cultivated, others left to grow wild, and there's pleasure to be had from all of them. Call me Chauncey."

Gods, I really hope my family doesn't read my blog. Or at least never ever tells me that they do.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Too Cool

Neato squeato! Chocolate sushi, anyone? Best thing in the world for me, since I don't like fish or seafood. Yum!

Gift Menu

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Is it okay to be turned off and turned on at the same time?

This is sure a new type of RPG...

Book of Erotic Fantasy

Ah! The warm glow of eeevil!

Snort! Hee!'s review of the The Queasy Bake Cookerator Oven!.
I had the more feminine version of this when I was a kid. Made yummy stuff with it until I ran out of mixes.

Mom, Brandy yelled at me!

So, I have been asked, nay, ordered to blog more by my friend Brandy while she was visiting this past weekend. Of course, I don't have too much of interest to say. Hmmm, need to work on the self-pity a bit.

Okay, I did get to watch Brandy dye Kathleen's hair in lovely shades of black and burgundy (looks good), which may have lowered my personal fears about hair-coloring a bit, so that was good. I've always wanted to try out a new color, but I'm still wary of getting stuck with it for too long, or it never washing out, or some such silly thing. Gotta work on them phobias.

I am also working on time management. Even though I am unemployed (by choice) I seem to never get things done during the day. In order to address this, and in preparation for grad school, I've decided to examine why I have such a hard time completing or starting projects. I am reading a very good book called Time management from the inside outby Julie Morgenstern (look it up yourself, lazy bums). I bought it about 3 years ago, so you can see how good my management skills are currently. I'm working on my "big-picture goals," as the author calls them, and having fun playing with markers and my big whiteboard. So far, so good, actually. I feel more focused already! And very colorful from all the ink on my hands.

Friday, February 06, 2004


Yesterday Missy came out of the laundry room post-nap, with her face covered in a cobweb mask. I mean, it covered her entire face. I don't know how she could see through it. Just looked up at me and went "Mee?" Didn't bother her in the slightest (perhaps she thought she was setting a new fashion), but had me rolling on the floor. Yes, I peeled it off of her.