Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Accomplishments 101

New Year's Resolutions
I am definitely behind on listing these, but I've actually been keeping up with them. Yay me!

Use up pantry items. Essentially, stop collecting food.
Eat more healthily (is that grammatical?)
Exercise regularly. Does once a month count?

Today's Accomplishments

Cleaned aquarium. Realized I was missing a fish. Decided he must have been part of the sludge I cleaned out of the filter. Ew, bad fish-mom.

Baked a loaf of rye bread, sans caraway ('cause they look and taste like mouse turds). It was "meh." Likely due to the recipe and not my cooking skills, mercifully. Now looking for someone to foist it off on, or a recipe to make it into something else. At least I used up rest of mystery flour (see below).

Cleaned up very floury kitchen.

Applied for many jobs. Yay me, again!

Tonight's extravaganza: Taxes. And using up the mystery rice.

Recent accomplishments, somehow all involving food:

Baked a loaf of bread, in order to find out what type of flour was in a particular jar. It was white bread flour. The bread was decent.

Made bread pudding out of the leftover above bread. Pretty good, but needed a custard sauce to go on top of it. Unfortunately, I used up all the eggs making the pudding.

Roasted a roast (beef). Very nice, juicy, and flavorful. Still have leftovers that need eating, lucky me. need more mayo so I can make beef salad sandwiches.

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