Monday, June 30, 2003

Gah. I am still trying to come up with a domain name for myself. Nothing too long, easy to remember (and spell), and makes people think of me. I have to myself, but it would be nicer if the "freeservers" part was gone. Makes email addys much easier to type out. Oh yeah, I'd also like it to be a "dot com" address, simply because that is what most people would type in. I've got a long list of favorite words (nouns and adjectives), but no go so far on good combinations.

The sewing theme:
stitchbitch (.com not available)
sewlost (kind of depressing)
sewmuch (cute, in a smarmy, kitschy way)
I decided that I didn't want to be forced into making my webpage have a lot of sewing stuff on it (it doesn't right now), so I'm nixing the sewing theme. Same goes for any type of "craft" names.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Living Space

Forgot to mention that the video game was also originally a reward to myself, not just for relief of boredom. I found a new living space! A wooden floored, two-bedroom duplex on a quiet circle. Has a bit of a yard, washer/dryer hookups, and a window in the bathroom (important when you have cats). The only drawback is that I wanted a different duplex in the same circle, but that particular one wasn't available until August 18. Since my sublet is up on August 4, it made things too complicated. The duplex I did get faces North (not good for Midwest climates), has two dogs living in it (I'm allergic), and is currently filthy, filthy, filthy. The landlord will have the floors sanded and revarnished, and make sure everything is cleaned and such, but it is one more thing to worry about.

One big thing out of the way, one more big thing to go (job).

Oh dear. Played Dungeon Keeper for 9 hours straight. Took me 2 minutes to type the previous sentences because my right hand is so sore. Need to develop mentally controlled mouse. Yeah.

Must find job (I'll look at the want-ads on Sunday, I promise!).

So, I've been unemployed for almost a month now. It would feel like more of a vacation, except it is so hot here that I don't feel like doing anything. I don't have cable, so other than watching DVDs, no moving pictures. I've been reading a lot (finished a 400 pager in 3 hours) and have been randoming perusing the internet. Basically, I'm bored, and I'm also trying to not spend any money (see reference about being unemployed).

So yesterday, I decided to install and play one of the video games I have. Never played it before, and I've had it for over a year. Hahahahhaha! I played for 5 hours straight! Missed dinner, missed the sun going down, and the cats were really concerned about me shrieking while staring at a big shiny thing (monitor). The game? Dungeon Keeper, from 1997. Yeah, I'm behind a bit. Last night I dreamt of little else other than battle strategies and building dungeons.

I need a job.