Friday, January 16, 2004

Playing by myself

Ran around like a maniac after winterizing the front door, yelling, “Vere is my caaaawk?” in a strange, pseudo-Russian accent (my friend C would’ve appreciated my performance). You see, I wanted to seal some drafts I found. Still can’t find it. My caulk, that is.

Managed to seal and lock the bathroom window. Just needed to be done during daylight, so that I could see what the hell I was doing. Now all those backyard peepers can’t get in and bother me.

All this was prompted by the $170.00 power bill I received this month. Just in case you were wondering, that is fucking high.

And then I made lunch, yaki soba and leftover hot n’ sour soup. And sung “sooouuup, beautiful sooouuupp!” to myself, shades of the mock turtle from Alice in Wonderland. Had a wonderful 5th grade teacher that read it to us. She had the best voices for all the characters.

Oh, and cat farts? Very smelly.

Off to look for my cock, er, caulk. :-)

Recent Accomplishments and Errata

Wow. I've been busy. In the past 5 days, I think I have done more "important" stuff than I have in over a year. Let's see...

  • Applied for graduate school. Huge props to Kathleen, who held my hand, edited my essays, and gave me a much needed kick in the butt. And many thanks go to everyone else who helped motivate me along the way. Now I only have to wait until March to see if I am accepted.

    This was hanging over my head for sooo long. Feels very good to have it done. Now I have lots of actual free time, instead of just time that I was procrastinating in. Speaking of which...

  • Applied for a really nice University library job. Not sure if I have a chance, there may be an insider who wants it. But at least I applied.

  • Just (about 3 minutes ago) applied at a temp agency. Time to earn some money instead of just spending it. I'm actually looking forward to bulking up my savings again, and not feeling guilty about buying the extra-fancy toilet paper. My sabbatical has been very good for me, though. Nice post-divorce, post-move, post-everything therapy.

Time to pull myself out of the essay-induced paper avalanche now.

And I'm off tonight for dinner with my new squeeze/boyfriend/don't-know-what-to-call-him-because-we-haven't-discussed-it-yet.


Monday, January 12, 2004

Another ego boost for myself

I applied for a job today! If you know me, you also know what an accomplishment this is. Pat me on the back, I might just get a job sometime soon.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Evening thought

Someone on a List that I read just wrote the most brilliant phrase about not letting other people bother you that I have ever heard. It is "don't let other people live rent free in your own head."


Stupid ex-library clerk tricks

So I go to the library last night, to return things. Go and check my account, come back to pick up the holds that are in, and one of the clerks hands me two empty CD cases, saying that I forgot to put the CDs back in. What do I do? I open both cases, and verify that they are, indeed, empty. Idiot. How many times did I roll my eyes at people who did that, when I was a library clerk myself? Idiot.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Link of the day

Now, this kind of prank I can thoroughly endorse. Probably good that he didn't have any pets, though.

Man's apartment encased in aluminum foil

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Needed: Ego stroking

So, I am wondering, who is actually reading this blog? Drop me line and ping me, I'm just curious. Too bad blogger doesn't support comments, like LiveJournal does.

Procrastination 101

What do you do when you have a week deadline to write your grad school entrance essays? Why, you clean house, of course!

Today’s procrastination exercise consisted of me going through my wardrobe (which is looking very shabby) and refolding, tossing, and sorting what is in it. Tons of old socks, t-shirts with crusty underarms (hey, girls sweat too!), and things that simply don’t fit anymore (like the thongs which would likely slice me in half vertically if I tried them on).

The cats had fun spelunking in the spaces left by the dresser drawers being removed. Of course I took pictures, because I have no life. Missy is now being cuddled on my left shoulder as I type, because the caves were apparently very spooky.

Yesterday I procrastinated by going through the pantry and resorting everything. I always discover fun items when I do this: spring roll wrappers, a can of mango paste, two boxes of falafel mix. My New Year’s resolution list now includes actually eating the items in the pantry instead of attempting to run a small ethnic grocery in my kitchen.

I also successfully emptied out the computer/sewing room of all the detritus that has accumulated in it over the past few months (post-move, if that is any excuse). Of course, most of it is now spread over the living room floor (said items were barfed on by one of the cats last night, sigh) where I actually am managing to sort and toss stuff. Items found: my “no religious soliciting” sticker, which will go on the front door (hopefully it will work), my pocket knife (lost since my 2002 trip to London), and the English money I was going to give to my sister, plus other items that were squealed over. Pays to stay organized. Of course, it would be easier to do so if the office wasn't eight degrees cooler than the rest of the house. I swear, there were icicles on my computer monitor this morning.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year?

So far today:

Doorbell rings while I am still in bed. I attempt to sleep through it, but they ring a second time. I get up and fumblingly get dressed, since my robe is in the dryer. It is the washer/dryer company (ironically), here to “upgrade” my machines so that it now costs a dollar to wash/dry a load of laundry instead of 50 cents. Very annoying.

Then the local Jehovah’s Witnesses came by. They are under the impression (since I was nice to them previously) that I am interested in hearing what they have to day. They said that they are going to make more of an effort to stop by more often. Great.

Then I broke a mirror.

This does not bode well for the New Year. Sigh.