Friday, January 16, 2004

Playing by myself

Ran around like a maniac after winterizing the front door, yelling, “Vere is my caaaawk?” in a strange, pseudo-Russian accent (my friend C would’ve appreciated my performance). You see, I wanted to seal some drafts I found. Still can’t find it. My caulk, that is.

Managed to seal and lock the bathroom window. Just needed to be done during daylight, so that I could see what the hell I was doing. Now all those backyard peepers can’t get in and bother me.

All this was prompted by the $170.00 power bill I received this month. Just in case you were wondering, that is fucking high.

And then I made lunch, yaki soba and leftover hot n’ sour soup. And sung “sooouuup, beautiful sooouuupp!” to myself, shades of the mock turtle from Alice in Wonderland. Had a wonderful 5th grade teacher that read it to us. She had the best voices for all the characters.

Oh, and cat farts? Very smelly.

Off to look for my cock, er, caulk. :-)

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