Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yay! The heat has ceased a bit! Still need the fan on, but I can now successfully sit at my computer and surf aimlessly without breaking a sweat! After all, what use is web-surfing if you get exhausted doing it? I've been hiding from the heat at Shea and Kathleen's place because they have central air. All hail the blessed CA! I have a window air conditioner in my bedroom, but that will only cool the one room. Good for sleeping (even if I have to exile the cats to the oven that it the rest of my apartment, and then feel guilty about it), but not much else.

Had a good 4th of July. Shea and Kathleen hosted Meat Fest 2003. Shea went smoker-mad and cooked much flesh. Very yummy. My cornbread salad was a hit, even though people didn't take any leftovers with them and I am now stuck with an enormous amount of salad in my fridge, which I will never be able to eat before it goes bad. Poor Kathleen was sick the entire time (not from the party, thank the gods of public health), and Shea has a torn pec, and I'm easy (!), so I got to play Feast-o-Crat (tm) and order people around the (indoor and air-conditioned) kitchen. I am mistress of the vegetable slicing, yes I am! "Boil those potatoes! Wash those hands! Avast, ye scurvy...uh...."

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