Thursday, July 24, 2003

Whiny, yet hopeful

Moving! Why am I doing this again? Stupid UHaul. They are all booked up at the local office, so I may have to "travel" to get my truck. Dammit. And I am desperately trying to find people to help me schlep stuff. Again. Only one good neighbor so far (thanks Shea!), but I put out another whiny email to the local SCA group, in hopes of suckering in a few others.

At least once I move into my new place I can unpack everything (remember that living out of boxes thing?). I may be able to find my spare styli for my Visor handheld. And more clothes, since my only pair of jean shorts has developed a worn-out spot. You know how everyone has particular wear-patterns on their clothes? Well, mine is on the inner thigh, usually the left one, towards the back. Looks like I've been rubbing my ass with sand paper.

Oh yeah. The American government sucks.

And on the feline front, I have never vacuumed so frequently in all my life. I feel like a 1950s housewife who cleans every day. The floors looked like I had taken both cats and dragged them around by their tails untlil all their fur was rubbed off on my carpets. I am sooo looking forward to having wood floors again.

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