Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Momentary lapse of sanity

I just had a double-take that was so powerful that I think I strained my fingers scrolling the mouse-wheel back so fast.

As part of my job, I'm creating numerous links within our online catalog. One of the things I'm linking is instructor names. So, I'm looking for "Griffin" and I'm zipping through the "Gs."

And my head snaps to attention as I think I see someone with the last name of "Goatse." EEeeeeeeeee!!!

Well, after furiously scrolling back up, I discover that this poor unfortunate instructor's name is actually Goetze.

Close enough. Especially when you read as fast as I can.



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Wild Tanuki said...

You entry is relevant to me today because I just learned about the whole Goatse thing yesterday through a chance thesmokinggun.com surf.