Monday, April 12, 2004


Seem to have picked up a cold from somewhere. Or at least that's what the kleenex shoved up my nose is telling me.

Run down of the past couple weeks:

  • Cats peed on the bed. Twice. They almost ended up as furry houseslippers, but I resisted the impulse to skin them.
  • Did a lot of laundry (see above note)
  • Went on a few dates with Ken (hi!). (Hellboy rocks!)
  • Cooked dinner for Ben (who doesn't read blogs, so no "hi" for him).
  • Decided I'm apparently only going on dates with guys whose names rhyme with mine (sorry Shea)
  • Apologized to Kathleen for flirting with her husband so much (apparently she doesn't share)
  • Apologized to Shea *and* Kathleen for making bad jokes about flirting in this blog (he blushes waaaay too easily)
  • Currently temping at a local company that scores educational tests. I am personally ruining the lives of 5th-9th graders from Ohio


  • Found out my best friend is dying

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