Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Things I did last week

A simple list, because I'm too lazy (or perhaps even too busy) to write a complete entry.

  • Went to the Champaign County Fair, for the first time ever (I've lived here a total of 6+ years)
  • Ate a corn dog (an original Pronto Pup!) and shared a funnel cake
  • Rode a really fun ride, which we finally figured out was called the Terminator, not the Terwilleger, or whatever.
  • Threw up. Twice. A true red-neck experience, according to my companions, who were great about it.
  • Ate a snow cone to settle my stomach and replenish all the water I had lost from being sick and sweaty.
  • Hid out from the heat the next day at Shea and Kathleen's house (they were in Scotland, the bastards) and left my poor kitties to fend for themselves by hiding in the closets and other cool places.
  • Ate very, very little, since I was still queasy from the Fair experience. I'm guessing that not only was I sick from stomach-churning rides (three of them), I probably had a touch of heat-exhaustion as well.
  • Did lots and lots of laundry, since I had access to a free washer and dryer. Have I ever talked about how weird it is to have to hoard quarters to do laundry in your own house?
  • Tried to figure out their Tivo and failed. Miserably. I ended up watching a program on sharks that I Could. Not. Escape. From. But at least I didn't erase any of their programs. I hope.

I think that's most things. Glad I got that off my chest. :-)

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