Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I hate technology

Remember how I said I'd be spending my day installing Koha? Yeah.

So I got through a large portion of the install on my Mac. And then I go to the part where you need to reconfigure your root directory. I realized that maybe it would be a good idea to backup my files before I did that, especially since I have never created a backup and my Mac is my main computer now. I currently have an external hard drive hooked up to my PC, so I thought I'd just use that to backup my Mac. But first I should backup the PC.

I turn on the PC and the first thing that happens (after it slooowly boots up) is a message from Microsoft wanting me to install Genuine Windows Advantage. After looking up what it is I decided that I could ignore it easily, since my copy of Windows is legit and it is meant to find pirated software (arrr...). Nope, it kept bugging me to install it, so I did some more reading about the program, got pissed off (DMCA!), looked for workarounds, got frustrated, and then just installed the damn thing.

Then I decided that I needed a backup utility since apparently I haven't backed up my PC since November. I can manually back it up, but a program that would automatically do it for me would be nice and no such thing came with my hard drive. I go looking for that, decide on SyncToy (Microsoft, but I don't really care at this point) and install it. But SyncToy needs the .NET thingy from Microsoft to run. Deep breath. So I find that and go about installing it.

And my computer tells me it's hard drive is full.

I can't install a program to backup the hard drive because the hard drive is full. Deep breath. I bite back a scream and start uninstalling programs that I haven't used in months and probably never will again. Not enough room. I delete old school readings that I don't want to hang onto. Still not enough room. Then I go hunting for the space hogs.

Turns out half of my computer hard drive is taken up with music. Unfortunately, it is a mix of old and new music, since I haven't synced iTunes (manually) between my two computers in ages. I can't just get rid of it, even though I don't listen to music on the PC because I need to replace the sound card. Or the speakers. I'm not sure.

Then I remembered that I need to partition my external HD before doing anything else, since I was going to be using it to backup PC and Mac files. Different file types, you know. Or whatever they're called; I know I need to partition at least. But now I have to re-find the directions to do so.

And my class starts in an hour. Deep breath.

So right now I am looking for the proper way to partition an external hard drive so that it can have both Mac and PC files on it. I haven't finished anything that I set out to complete today. Oh, and SyncToy doesn't do automatic backups anyway, so there's more lost time.

And people trust me to set up an ILS?

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ranginui said...


Ive installed Koha on a mac before, its kinda tricky but certainly doable.
Jump on #koha ... or catch me on aim (ranginui) if you get stuck and want some help.