Sunday, December 09, 2007


I think I might be hallucinating. Could there actually be something that combines my love of books, fine chocolates, and boxes (also known as "things to put other things into")? It looks like there is:

zChocolat's Carpe Diem Collection

It's a book that's actually a wooden box. Which is filled with chocolate and more wooden boxes. 211 assorted French chocolates from four different chocolatiers. A total of 6 mahogany boxes. Gourmet cocoa. Aaeiieeee!!!


I don't think you can actually comprehend how happy and sad this makes me. Let me attempt to explain again. Happy because....boxes! Inside of other boxes! And chocolate!

Sad because it costs $364.31.

Would anyone like to take up a collection for me?


Mark said...

No! That little label does NOT constitute reading matter. ;)

Jen said...

Nice! I completely share your love of things to put other things into. In NY in 1995 I walked past The Container Store and thought I had found one corner of heaven.