Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm at the Urbana Free Library doing some schoolwork, which I hadn't planned doing here, but since my 11am appointment isn't actually until 1pm (I'm conflating calendar entries now, apparently) and I needed to stop in and pick up some books I have on hold, why not get a few hours of enforced writing in?

But before I sat down and got to business, I went over and browsed the new books like I always do. My eye was caught by what appeared to be a new Laurell K. Hamilton book. I wasn't sure if I had read it or not, so I cracked it open to read the blurb. And saw the following, penciled neatly on the title page:

Be forewarned, before you get all happy reading this (like I was) one of the main characters dies in this one.
Really? That's the warning? I think a more appropriate caution would have been "before you get all happy reading another of Hamilton's books, remember how sucky her plots have become and brace yourself for yet another slew of angst-ridden sex."

Yes, I had already read the book (A Lick of Frost). And yes, I had then ignored my own warning. Sigh. Back to writing about XSLT and metadata issues. I'd rather be having angst-ridden sex, even if it came with a bad plot and no character development.

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julie:) said...

jenn, i think your warning is a much better one! and i can't (well, can) believe that someone wrote in a library book. i guess i better go 'round the bestseller shelf with my "pink pearl" eraser.

one day there will be an end to angst-ridden sex. but first, there's may 27.