Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morning sabotage

Inspired by E's post, I decided to note down my own current morning routine for posterity.

3:30am Wake up for no good reason. Check my jaw to see if I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep again. Think angry thoughts that I can't seem to get rid of and struggle to fall back asleep.

5:00am Startled out of sleep by the awful toilet-plunger noise (hurka, hurka) the cats make. Check to see that they are not throwing up on the bed, fling them off if they are, mentally note location(s) of noise so I can avoid stepping into cat barf in the morning. Fall back asleep.

Wonder why I've woken up this early, even though I haven't set the alarm, I am exhausted, and I have a flexible schedule that allows me to show up to work whenever I want. Feed the cats if they are threatening to throw up on my head. Crawl back into bed for another half-hour of rest. Dozing turns into a deep sleep.

9:00am Wake up, look at the clock, sigh, and realize that I really should get up and do something productive, like finishing up my incomplete courses or going to work and earning money to pay rent and buy cat food. Pee, feed cats (if I haven't already), shower, dress, minimal grooming. Heat water for French press coffee. Check email.

[Alternate 9:15am Meet up with Adam at Kopi for mutual study-support. Buy breakfast/coffee. Work on incomplete courses until noon. Go catch bus to work. Rejoice that I have been productive before I have arrived at work.]

9:30am Realize I've been on the computer for so long that the coffee-water is now cold. Reheat water, make coffee, take meds, make breakfast, pack a lunch if I remember to and/or I'm in the mood. Eat/drink while doing more internet poking.

10:15am/10:30am/10:45am Depending on how much teh intarwebs have sucked me back in, realize that I have missed the bus by just 1 minute and will need to catch the next one.

11am-ish Get to work. Pound head against desk because I really should get here earlier, but balancing out productivity with a proper amount of sleep seems to be escaping me lately. Promise self to go to bed tonight directly after The Colbert Report and only read for 30 minutes before turning off the light and attempting sleep.

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