Saturday, January 22, 2005

Oooo, my stomach hurts

I think I now understand more of what may go through vegetarians' heads on a regular basis. I had a "what the fuck is that?!" experience while flipping through channels this morning. I hit upon a Graham Kerr episode and paused for a brief moment. Suddenly, the camera focused on the frying pan in front of him. He was poking at what appeared to me to be a prop from out of an Aliens movie or something. Raw, flayed flesh was splayed in the skillet, as the tongs prodded the sides of this poor creature. My stomach roiled as I tried to figure out what the hell the show was featuring on its ingredients list; Alien-facehugger? Freshly peeled human tongue?

It turned out to be a chicken leg with the thigh meat still attached, but the thigh part was open to the camera, looking like a grotesque mouth or sucker or something like female genitalia (yes, we are all beautiful "down-there", but what is between our thighs just doesn't look right slapped in a skillet). Whatever it was, it didn't look like food. Or at least, it didn't look appetizing. Bleah. Vegetarians unite, I guess.

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