Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Rocky Horror whaaaa????

Today's source of the burning sensation in my nose from spewing out my yummy eggnog latte is brought to you by:

The Rocky Horror Muppet Show!

The visuals in my head are very entertaining.

MISS PIGGY (pulls Scooter nose to nose with her, vocce morte)
Brad, I am cold and I am wet and I am just plain scared.

SCOOTER (collapsing)
So am I.

(Music starts: "59th Street Bridge [Feelin' Groovy]." The door opens, and a very sheepish Kermit -- in black cape and fishnets -- steps right through it. Miss Piggy drops Scooter like a sack of potatoes; Annie Sue, careful to avoid Miss Piggy's gaze, moves to help Scooter up by the middle of the first verse.)

[Lyrics to Sweet Transvestite follow, sung to the tune of 59th St Bridge song (Feelin' groovy), because Animal has eaten all of the sheet music]. And it scans!

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