Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lesson learned

Instead of yoga on Thursday (our instructor didn't show) I went grocery shopping. I hadn't been to my favorite ethnic food store in awhile, and I was craving cheese, so I stopped there first. After getting a fresh jar of ginger preserves (my favorite spread for my morning English muffin) I browsed the cheese case and decided that since we hadn't had cheese fondue Monday night at Chez Shea's (we did oil fondue with meat, which was very tasty), that I needed to make my own. So I got a pound of Gruyere. Cheap Gruyere. Gee-that's-a-good-price Gruyere.

Long story short, DO NOT try to make fondue with what turns out to be GRUYERE-FLAVORED PROCESSED CHEESE FOOD. Gak.

What the fuck am I going to do with 3/4 of a pound of gluey fake cheese? And what the hell is up with my store selling processed cheese along with the fancy stuff?!


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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You should send your processed cheese to the obnoxious blog spammers.

Yana/Jenn said...

Ooo!!! That's mean. I like it.