Monday, November 21, 2005


Brandy has a post up (it's the Nov 12 entry) about her experiences with the Mold-A-Rama machine at the Field Museum in Chicago. Man, I've never tried one of those machines! I never even saw one until I was an adult. Maybe they were outlawed in Nebraska or something, although we did have those squash-a-penny machines everywhere. They even have their own museum!

As an adult, I've always walked by and inhaled the enjoyable hot-plastic aroma wafting from the Mold machines, though. Now I'm jealous and will have to find one and atually try it out.

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Brad Simmons said...

Evyenios writes:

How ya doin' Ilyana? :)

Long time no see. I'm now living in Iowa. Perhaps I and my wife, Areagni (her SCA name) can come visit you sometime when the weather gets warm again?