Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time's a wastin'


Got out of bed around noon. Granted, I did lay there and read for awhile, but still...

Got showered, dressed, and headed out to get rolls of quarters from the bank (stupid laundry day) before it closed. Stopped at Schnuck's for doughnuts/pastries/things to eat that I didn't have to cook. Wandered by their "housewares" section and amazingly, surprisingly, found some cooking gear that I had been in search of for the past few months. Very serendipitous. Went home, ate "breakfast" and settled down in front of the computer to ostensibly decide what I was going to do for my Museum Informatics class project.

A round of the Sims, an episode of Carnivale, several hours of trying to figure out why I couldn't load the Second Life module onto my computer (still haven't quite fixed the problem), and a lot of dinking around the web later...and I still hadn't decided on a project. No big surprise there, unfortunately. And Second Life might have had bearing on my deciding on a project, dammit. Earlier in th eweek I had watched a taped epsidoe of Samurai Champloo, so I also just *had* to make absolutely sure that there was one more episode left in the series, because if there wasn't, I was going to just *die* from Wednesday's cliffhanger ending.

Things I actually accomplished:

  • went to (finally) check and see that the water heater was turned down to 120 degrees and discovered that a previous tenant made off with the thermostat face. No idea what temp the heater is at, so that task got checked off my list.
  • Gave up on copying yet one more craft project from various books and put said books by the door to return to the library on Monday.
  • Deposited a refund check at the bank. And got quarters for laundry.


Well, it's 2:00pm and I'm on the computer again, you guess how I'm doing. At least I've eaten breakfast. At 4:00 I go over to my yoga instructor's place to set her up with a website (she's also a massage therapist, guess what I'm doing this in exchange for) and at 6:00 I head to Carrie's for Oscar Night. Not much time left to decide on a project (the needs analysis is due on Tuesday), and the dishes still need washing. And I need to do my taxes. And I need to look over my to-do list and see what else is coming up that I need to accomplish. Bah.

But I'm alive, and healthy. I've got friends and cats who love me. A roof over my head, heat on a snowy afternoon, a full belly, and a place of my own. Life's pretty good.

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