Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Computer (and other sorts of) lust

So, I've got this new MacBook, which I really, really like (it's not love, yet, simply because I'm not nearly as conversant with its interface as I am with a PC). And I've got an iPod, which I am much, much more in like with (it has come in very useful for ignoring my coworkers). I recently found out that just like a computer disc (remember those?), an iPod can either be formatted for use with a Mac or with a PC, not both. Bummer.

After bouncing between keeping my iPod (it's the black 30 gig video one, in case you were wondering) hooked up to my PC or reformatting it to work only on my Mac (mine's white, because black is not worth $200 more), I started using Senuti, which allows me to leave my iPod the way I originally set it up, and simply copy my music from the iPod into my Mac (which I named "Lilith," by the way).

Cool, yes? Very. That is, until Lilith informed me that she was almost out of memory. WTF? How the hell did I manage to use up 60 gigs in the space of a month? Especially since I only have a total of 9 gigs of music? Huh?!

Well, I finally figured out how to tell how much memory was in each of Lillith's folders and I've discovered where iTunes likes to squirrel away music files (in the music folder, but not where you'd think). And why have I used more memory than I ever thought possible?


Because I managed to copy my entire iPod four times. Doh!

So I'm carefully re-reading Senuti's instructions so that this doesn't happen again. And deleting lots of files.

And now you know entirely too much about my personal hardware. Hubba hubba.

Back to my evening soaps. Tonight it's Dirty Jobs. I think I'm in heavy-duty lust with the host. Totally my type of guy. Tall, handsome, nice forearms, and not afraid to get filthy! Ahhh....

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triumphantly, jenny said...

i am also totally in love with mike rowe. :)