Sunday, July 09, 2006

Garage Sale-ing Away

So, my friends and I are having a garage sale on July 29. Which is good, because I have a ton of clothes and two big boxes of books sitting in my office from my Christmas 2005 stay-at-home-and-clean holiday extravaganza.

I have about three weeks to weed, sort, haul, and price all my extraneous belongings over to Steph's house. I'm hoping that blogging this experience (I haven't had a garage sale since 1994 or 95) will keep me on track and get my place cleaned out and easier to keep up. On to this weekend's progress...

  • Dragged out my old student drafting table and found all its parts
  • Cut my video collection in half
  • Pulled out my cassette tapes and started ordering CDs to burn replacement copies
  • Levered out my old ten-gallon fish tank and stand out of my office closet
  • Weeded my closet yet again. I only wear the same dozen outfits, so why have all these clothes I never wear? I kept a few choice pieces for dressy occasions.
  • Updated my master list-of-crap-to-get-rid of, which includes a deep fryer (don't need to extra grease), a popcorn maker (sorry, I like the microwave stuff just fine), and a dresser (I bought a brand new bedroom set this winter)
Yep, I'm feeling pretty good about all this. Now, if I can just decide whether to sell my books and graphic novels on eBay, or at the garage sale.

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