Thursday, August 09, 2007

I {heart} my local library

You know, finishing up an incomplete paper at the library is not so bad when you:

  1. Have a sizeable table next to a window and an electrical outlet
  2. Have free wireless
  3. Have a cafe where you can get a hand blended pomegranate soda, a lemon madeleine, and a Ritter Sport marzipan chocolate square

Guess which of those is keeping me coming to the library to write?


Mark said...

So, I guess you don't need dinner at the new Greek restaurant tonight, eh?

Shame, cause I do.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I had no idea you were into libraries.

julie:) said...

aw, and here i thought the friendly public library staff kept you coming back to the library! but it is hard to argue with the cafe that has yummy drinkables and edibles...

(says the one who has purchased two decaf mocha coffee chillers from the cafe this week and subsequently made you forget to show your library card)

tallycast said...

The Urbana Free Library saved my sanity when I was a Jr. High student at UJHS in the 60's. I still have my "summer reading club" award on my office wall. Librarians are my hero's. Davie