Thursday, September 20, 2007

Non-social post-birthday girl

And now begins my self-declared non-social week. I have schoolwork to catch up on, house stuff that needs accomplishing, errands to run, and other things to do, all of which have been procrastinated for long enough. Richard happens to be out of town, so the timing is perfect. I'm not going anywhere except to run errands and to meet with a fellow ASIS&T officer for some officer-business lunchiness.

My birthday was really, really good. Definitely in my top 5 birthdays ever. Richard threw a Virgo birthday party for me and a few other Virgos which went well. Not too over the top and still very fun. Steph was in town up from St Louis and one friend group (mostly all library people) met another friend group (mostly all GSLIS people). My social networks definitely follow a theme. Good food, good friends...good times.

I got served breakfast in bed the next day, accompanied by schoolwork in bed (yes, us grad students really know how to par-tay down). On my actual birthday I got roses, a gift card for a massage, and taken out to a nice dinner. I also got nice presents from friends and family, of course. And a ton of Facebook birthday wishes, which was surprisingly fun and made me smile all day long.

And now that I've been pampered and spoiled and treated so nicely, I'm going to hole up and work on getting all stressed out by all the things I need to get done. But I keep reminding myself that major stress now means much less stress in the very near future.

If I feel like I've accomplished enough by the end of the weekend, I think I'll go use that massage gift card.

As always, on the day after my birthday, I like to remember all the good times with my best friend C, who died of lymphoma in 2004 on Sept 19. I miss you.

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