Monday, March 31, 2008

Laundry issues

Very grey in downstate Illinois today. Spring has sprung, but it keeps bouncing back into Winter mode, unfortunately. One thing about nicer weather that makes me happy is that I can hang my laundry out on the clothesline, instead of having to use my coin-operated dryer all the time. It's too expensive and rarely dries things completely, plus I absolutely hate the fact that random people from Coinmach have access to my house. Yep, complete strangers (who often don't bother to knock, by the way) invade my house on a regular basis, to collect my money. I nearly had a heart attack the last time they came by while I was still in bed. Still need to complain to the company about that particular incident.

Anyway, the dryer works better after cleaning the lint out of the vent and throwing tennis balls in with the clothes. And there was a pertinent comment on a Lifehacker post today about drying your clothes:

I agree that "the outside" is available. However my "the outside" has a manufacturing defect. It has this thing called "the rain" and I've asked the manufacturer to fix the problem, but so far I haven't heard anything back. So I'm back to using the dryer. And from what I hear, "the outside" isnt available everywhere just yet. For some reason theres a shortage in larger cities, especially for those who live in apartments.

I'm not looking forward to possibly not having my own "the outside" when I move away from here.

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Mark said...

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and extremely fitting for the last day of March, thank you very much! [At least on campus]

Grey it certainly was, but there was nothing winter-like about it.

Now beginning late this afternoon ... ok, whine away if you must.