Saturday, January 25, 2003

I can't believe I posted a personal ad. I also can't believe that I have already (since yesterday) gotten two responses. Huh. And without a picture.

So of course, I decided I needed to put up a photo of myself, since my repliers (repliees? respondents?) actually had pics of themselves to offer. Taking (good) pictures of yourself without a tripod is an interesting feat. And humbling. I actually went and put powder on my face because of the awful shine. Gak! Those who know me personally know I do not wear makeup as a rule.

So here I am in my apartment, finding suitable backdrops and smiling cheesily at the camera. I also found out that I look much more attractive if I use my teeth when I smile. I don't usually flash the pearls because I have a gap on one side. The tooth is there, but it is pushed back, like someone took their finger and shoved it behind the flanking teeth. Oh well, makes me unique (and wish for orthodontia).

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