Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My week

Let me say that again. Gah.

Been a long week. So, I finally get my bookshelves from Lowe's. The next day I go shopping for stains and finishes, and this takes all day because I really can't decide on what color I want the shelves to be, Finally decide on a red oak finish, with tung oil to protect it all. Too tired to start staining, so I decide to do that the next day. I spend all the following day prepping and staining the bookshelves. Now, I have two bookshelves, each 84 inches high. This is a LOT of wood and it takes all day. My wrist, shoulder, and elbow are so sore that I have to wear my carpal tunnel brace for the next two days. Not looking forward to rubbing in the tung oil after the stain has dried. Luckily, the next day it rains. And the next day it rains. And the next, and the next. So now I am stuck with pieces of stained wood blocking my washer and dryer, because that was the only place to put them. The yard is soaked, I have a small lake in the backyard, and it is so cold and damp that you would swear it was October. Today is finally sunny, but it is still really muddy out.

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