Sunday, April 10, 2005

Apparently, I am a bit hungry

For the amusement of your stomach:

Chikalicious Dessert Bar: Now, I've been to a dessert bar in Chicago that was very fun and tasty, but this sounds even better, and less expensive. You can get a prix fixe consisting of an amuse bouche, choice of dessert (a cheese plate is among the offerings for those of us who actually prefer savory items), and petit fours for $12 bucks. A true bargain.

Hey, Amihan! Just want ice cream? (She made us visit every ice cream place twice while we were in Toronto) Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: They've got mango ice cream and mango sorbet. And lychee. Enough said.

Grilled Cheese New York The buttons on their webpage don't work, but essentially, you pick a bread, pick one of five cheeses, add toppings, and optional grilled veggies. Yuuummmm....

Now, I need an excuse to go to New York...

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