Thursday, April 21, 2005

Today's thoughts

This morning reminded me so much of what I miss about camping. Last night it rained really hard and was cool out, but I left the windows open. I awoke to that perfect chill temperature that means you've slept really well and are waking up easily because of it. I took a shower and enjoyed watching the steam come off myself and the tub while the fresh breeze blew on me from the open bathroom window. The temperature contrast between the warmth from my coffee and the cool air was just right, and the grass was a perfect shade of drenched-green from being mowed the day before.

Everything even smelled like camping. Yum.


Rod said...

Are you planning on making it to Jubilee this year?

A Mosquito said...

You should camp outside more often, or at least sleep with the windows open.

Yana/Jenn said...

Probably not going to make it to Jubilee this year. And I know I can't go to Pennsic (work conflicts), so I'll have to run into you guys some other time. Take care!