Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Geeks unite!

We're having some construction done in the back of the library this summer. They're joining two rooms into one big room for computer instruction, so we're putting up with a lot of noise and dust currently, and our windows don't open, so it can get a bit stuffy, even with air conditioning.

Today there is a lot of sawing and drilling going on. Just five minutes ago, I heard a squeakysqueakysqueakysqueakysqueaky noise from the back, and snorted to myself because of what it reminded me of. My coworker Melanie turned around in her chair:

"Do you know what that sounded like?"

"Oh my god, I'll bet it was the same thing I was thinking of..."

"Yes! The trojan-rabbit scene from Monty Python!"

I swear, it sounded exactly the same. Great minds think alike.

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Now, fetch the Holy Hand Grenade.