Monday, June 06, 2005


This post totally sums up the experience Brandy and I had Memorial Day weekend in Chicago when we visited a Cold Stone Creamery store, except that I laughed each time the people shouted out their little sushi-bar-like "welcome" jingle (or whatever it's called). But it was definitely too loud in there to stay long. And all the patrons got shouted at, regardless of skin color.

I ended up getting a lemon sorbet mixed with coconut and pineapple. Then I was sad because I didn't choose ice cream instead. And then I was glad because Brandy had ordered too much Candy Land to finish all by herself and I ended up with her leftovers. Fewer calories for me and I got two cold treats! Thanks for being too full, Brandy! And Cake Batter ice cream is delicious [shudder of joy]!

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