Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't fuck with the librarian

Yet another reason why I want to become a librarian. Such a handy degree...

Basically, over the course of several months a Florida librarian received unsolicited faxes from a fax blaster. He tried several different ways of getting them to stop sending him faxes and eventually decided to take the matter to court. He used the skills that most librarians acquire, and won. The original post has (for now) been removed acording to the legal settlement between him and the fax blaster. There are lots of good comments over at MetaFilter, where I first saw the story. All the damages that he will be awarded will be donated to leukemia research (if I remember correctly).

The author's final points sum up the story nicely:

Moral of this story:
1) Don’t screw with the librarian
2) Libraries- take action on your unsolicited faxes- they are illegal.
3) Reference tools are your friends!



Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Looks like the original article with the pertinent details has been stripped down (under the terms of the settlement agreement the author write about).

Can you tell us the original story?

Full Metal Lunchbox said...