Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yet another reason to love my job

Guess what I did all day? After fixing tons of problems at the service desk after being gone yesterday, I mean.

I added a TON of anime links to my bookmarks, investigated anime distributors and retailer webstores, poked around some fan sites, avoided (mostly sucessfully) opening any hentai sites (only because I'm out in the public view and would rather not deal with it), and started a wishlist of anime titles.

And I got paid to do so, because we are going to start developing an anime collection.

Gods, I fucking [heart] working in a library!

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

When I lived in Japan I worked out in a gym across the street from a large comic shop that supposedly stocked a lot of hentai titles.  The place was six stories tall and had no windows.  The first floor was so crowded with shelves of phonebook-thick cartoon tomes that I never made it as far as the elevator.