Sunday, November 26, 2006

Does my Master's degree come with a lifetime gym membership?

Forgot this little tidbit from a few days ago.

Librarians should be sexier
According to the marketing guy in the article, we should use "good-looking" staff, recommend "racy" titles, and not use the word "librarian" any more. No idea what the hell we're supposed to use instead, though ("information choreographer" anyone?).

Hey, I consider myself a very hot (or "hott") librarian! It all depends on what you consider sexy, after all. Okay, I don't wear lipstick (I end up licking it all off...) and I can't fit into my black lace bustier right now, but the cone-shaped cups made funny dents in my blouses anyway, so no big loss. But watch out when I take my bun down!

Hummina, hummina. :-)

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Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Take that bun down, WOO HOO!!!!!