Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Like Grad school isn't hard enough already

I'm going a leeetle bit crazy tonight. Not only was the system down for 3 hours after my first available time to register, the one class that I have been looking forward to for over a year is already full!!!

I have enough credits that I should have been able to register earlier than tonight, but since I can't actually transfer those credits until I've been a "real" grad student for this semester...

Gah! Bah!

Yes, I wrote to the teacher and GSLIS admin to get on the waiting list. Oh, it's for the Cataloging II class with Bial, in case you were wondering.

So far, I am registered for the following:

502 Libraries, Information, and Society (2 credits, required course)
490 Storytelling (2 credits)

...and that's it. I need 10 credits to get my tuition waiver. Cataloging II would've given me another 4 credits, still leaving me to find another class. I've already taken Reference, Cataloging I, and Museum Informatics. This semester I'm taking 501 (other required course), Intro to Networking, and Collection Development.

Damn it! I'm off to look at the listings for the umpteenth time. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Edited to add:
Here are two other classes I've thought of, but they are offered at exactly the same time. Which to take? This doesn't help!

590ILE Indexing & Abstracting with Frank Kellerman
590MD Metadata in Theory and Practice with Jerome McDonough

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