Sunday, December 10, 2006

End of semester, pre-final wrap up thingy

Almost done with my first semester as a full-time grad student. Feeling tired and annoyed at my (lack of) study habits, and vowing to do better next semester.

I'm taking an incomplete in my Collection Development class, with the agreement that I finish up before the first day of Spring classes, which is entirely reasonable. I'm not very happy with myself for having yet another incomplete under my belt (I had one last semester), but according to my fellow students, this is not an unusual occurrence. I just don't want to make it a habit.

I'm getting together with my Intro to Networking team this week to finish up our group project and prepare for our Thursday presentation, and I have no worries that everything will go fine (knock on virtual wood). And I have to remember to make something for the class potluck that follows the final presentations. Something vegetarian, I think.

The annoying (required) and unorganized (ironic) Information Organization and Access class is almost over. I am finishing up my part of the group presentation and have completed the web site. I hate group projects. Or, rather, I hate that I volunteer to do too much on group projects and then get behind in everything else. And that my teammates get to put up with me being a neurotic procrastinator-perfectionist. Bad combination. But the website looks pretty.

And to boot? I've been smelling cigarette smoke all day and it's giving me a headache. Where is it coming from? My neighbors. The insulation/duct work/whatever is so poor in my duplex that the smoke from next door is coming through the heating ducts or cracks in the walls or the ether or something. Not. Helping. With. The. Writing!

Back to the Info Org and Access writing. Sigh.

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