Friday, December 29, 2006

Hair today...

...and much less of it,

I got a haircut on Wednesday. For those who haven't known me all that long, perhaps you do not understand just how momentous an event this was for me. I have a slight hair-cutting phobia, you see. I even have dreams (nightmares, really) of my locks being snipped off by strangers or it getting caught in things and ripped out. This is the first haircut I've had in over two years; the last being the day after my best friend C died, September 2004.

I've had the Dorothy Hamil bowl cut, the Little Orphan Annie perm, the "I'm only learning how to cut hair, oops, let me just wipe that blood off" trim. Not a lot of good hair experiences in my youth. When I left home, I decided to just ignore my hair and only cut it when it really, really started to annoy me. So, since I was about 20 or so, my hair has been down to my tailbone, which seems to be the extent of its natural length. But letting it go without even a trim means that it can get pretty scraggly, even if it is still gorgeous.

Now, instead of super-long, my hair is simply normal-long, hitting at about the middle of my back. I am currently still panicking whenever I notice that I can't feel my hair brushing my elbows. But I'll get used to it ("It'll grow back, it'll grow back..."). There's much less of it to shampoo, which feels weird, but will save me a tiny bit of money. Except that I did buy some product at the salon, because I have no willpower when it comes to such things, so there went the shampoo savings. Oh, and the natural wave in my hair is much more pronounced, now that there isn't as much weight pulling it straight. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I should've chopped it off this summer, when I could have appreciated the breeziness more.

I lost about ten inches of length total. Shea thinks that I should have gathered up all the clippings and given them to Richard as a Christmas present ("Here! See how much I like you?! Never go away again!!!"). But I refrained. I didn't think that would go over so well, for some reason.

And now for the pics. You can go to the Flickr set, too.

Before the cut, my hair all spread out and making me look like a Hindu goddess. I can relate to that.
Before the cut, all spread out


Side views
Before the cut, view 3

Before, view 2

And now what you've been waiting for...

After the cut!
After the cut

After the cut, 2nd view

This is the only front view that looked decent, sorry.
After the cut

And here it is today, with my natural wave showing a hell of a lot more. The day of the haircut the stylist ironed my hair straight and put lots of product on it. Yeah, I don't usually go through that much trouble, but we'll see. Now, how long before the next cut...?


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HOLY MOLEY! You cut your hair!! I do know how momentous this is. :^)