Sunday, December 03, 2006

Washing the floor, the hard way

I am back safe and sound from our second and final trip to East St. Louis. More on that later. For now, I am stuck at home cleaning up my utility room because my washer has decided that it is more fun to spill water all over the floor instead of into the sink, where it should go. The cats were not amused, especially since that's where their litter boxes are kept.

Can we say "ick?"

My jeans and shirts are clean, but I have no clean underwear, and I'm not washing another load until my landlord comes over to unclog the sink. Guess I'm going commando tomorrow.


Mark said...

You manage to say the most intriguing things.

Jenn/Yana said...

I do, don't I? [big grin]

You will all be pleased (displeased?) to know that I managed to unclog the sink and finish my laundry. I will not be journeying to GSLIS tomorrow without knickers.