Thursday, January 11, 2007


So I just took a break from paper writing to look at my physical mail, which Misha Cat was keeping warm for me by sleeping on it. I got the usual slew of bills and such, plus the One Spirit catalog. I actually enjoy looking through it, at least until I get to the angel books (" both the analytical energy of Gold guardian angels and the intuitive wisdom of their Silver counterparts...") and my eyes get sore from rolling back into my head. But then I saw a book that made my day.

The Clitoral Truth: the secret world at your fingertips

Isn't that a great title? And the book even contains "suppressed" information about the clitoris. Damn the government! What will they hide from us next? According to one of the Amazon reviewers, readers of the book need to be careful because reading it "could easily lead some to homosexual experimenting or converting." Well, I just think he needs more practice then. Hee.

Ok, enough of that. I didn't need another thing to keep me from finishing this paper. Back to writing.

PS. As I was finishing this post, The Sensual Woman by Herbaliser just came up on my iTunes playlist. No, I'm not kidding. I love synchronicity!


Mark said...

I love me some synchronicity, too, but what I'd really like is ... not in a book.

I do appreciate the interesting tidbits you feature here; keeps life interesting. ;)

Jenn/Yana said...

Thanks! If nothing else, at least I am...interesting. And easily amused.

Mark said...

Now, now. I said more, and less, than that. Not sure where that "at least" is coming from.

And I made no reference to your ability to be amused. And what is wrong with being easily amused? I seem to be easily entertained by some of the things you post here, so I ain't faulting it.