Monday, July 09, 2007

If you want to sing out, sing out

I told everyone back in April that I was going to be performing in the annual GSLIS storytelling festival. Well, the recording of the Fest worked and you can listen to me sing The Scotsman right here. Just scroll down a wee bit and you'll see the link to the audio file. Not a half-bad photo of myself, either.

And no, I haven't been brave enough to listen to myself yet.


Anonymous said...

Hi there kiddo! Just listened to your "Scotsman" song. Very impressive, but then I'm a little biased. You have a beautiful voice Jenn. I am very proud of you. Luv ya. Mom

Anonymous said...

boohoo, I cannot hear your audio clip! I tried to get it to play and it would just not play. Tech support has gone to bed. Maybe you'll be at Pennsic and sing for me in person?
Hope the neighbors tone it down!