Saturday, April 14, 2007

Storytelling Festival

So...I've been asked to perform at the GSLIS Storytelling Festival this coming Saturday, April 21. I was totally shocked (but incredibly happy) to be asked, especially since my class nominated the story-songs I sung in Storytelling class.

I will be singing either "Mr. Fox" (creepy), or The Scotsman (funny), or both. I'll find out on Monday what it is going to be. And they record the Festival (let's hope they actually figure out the equipment *before* the performance this year), so even if you don't come see me in the flesh, you'll be able to listen later.

You know, I've never heard a recording of myself? I don't know if I'll be able to listen to the recording once it's done. I know I have a nice voice, but the last time I was asked to sing in a public performance was when I was in the second grade. I bowed out of that one (major stagefright!), but I'm not backing out of this one. I just hope I can start on a comfortable key, unlike the last two times I sang. One was too low, the other was just not quite right. Not off-key, but not my strongest voice. Here's hoping...

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Mark said...

$5 to see you "in the flesh"?

Damn! I'm in. ;)

[Interlopers--you had to be there! And mind your own bidness, too.]