Saturday, April 14, 2007


Okay, the To Do list is all updated. And I even knocked a few things off of it! Yay me. Now, on to the most urgent To Do items, school assignments. And in order to guilt/remind myself, I'm listing them here.

Last day of classes and also the last day anything is due is May 4. That's about three weeks. And here's what I need to accomplish, in chronological order.

  • Summary: Classism article
  • Advanced Cataloging term paper
  • Summary: Patriot Act article
  • Storytelling Future File
  • Storytelling Project
  • Storytelling Presentation
  • Catalog 3 items of different formats
  • Advanced Cataloging Presentation
  • In-class final for 502
  • Work on incomplete assignments from last two semesters
  • Email those instructors from about progress

Hoo boy.

Laundry is in the dryer as I write, dishes will get done after dinner tonight. I'm already prepped for picking Richard up at the Indianapolis airport tomorrow. Tickets to The Decemberists are in my wallet and hopefully Richard's plane will be on time so we can actually go. I need to stop at the library today to pick up a hold, so I'm going to go work there until they close at 6pm. Let's see if I can get those article summaries out of the way.

Okay, no more excuses.

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