Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crazy renter

I just got done writing a crazy-tenant letter to my landlord. I hate being a bother, but since I am paying to live here...

1. Futon frame, car tires, other bits and bobs sitting behind the dumpster for months now. Not their responsibility to haul away, but something needs to be done. I'm tired of the view (my place faces the back of the dumpster) and the potential mosquito breeding ground and the garbage people aren't going to haul it away.

2. Linoleum in my utility room still coming up in pieces. The door catches on it constantly and I can't keep the floor clean because the kitty litter gets trapped underneath it because the linoleum is *taped* together. With clear packing tape. Just laid down over the original tile floor. Very professional. I'd rip it up myself, but I don't want to be responsible for any "damages" that might occur. Or having to haul it away. I guess I could just throw it on top of the other crap behind the dumpster.

3. Smoke issues. As in, cigarette smoke coming into my apartment when the windows and doors are closed. It's bad enough that my neighbors smoke on their front steps (yes, I know they have to smoke somewhere) and the smoke comes right into my living room, which is only 5 feet from their front door. I'm going to be here another year (dammit) and smelling smoke all Winter sucks. But since we all got a letter about keeping dogs on-leash they haven't been sitting out there nearly as much (they are the main offenders, surprise, surprise). We'll see how that goes.

4. Annoying small neighbor child still coming up and smooshing his face against my front door and staring in at me. Gives me a heart attack every single time. I didn't actually put that one in the letter (craaazy), just needed to get it out of my system.

5. Too many cars parked here. I'm pretty sure that we all get two parking spaces, but I know that at least two neighbors have extra cars that get wedged in to our collective parking lot/front yard. Didn't put this one in the letter either, will save it for some other time. I need something to stew on, after all.

Other annoyances include garbage from the garage/warehouse next door blowing into my yard, the lack of trees to block the nasty view of the street (they got cut down last fall), and the ugly Christmas lights that are still up on the outside of the unit across from me. Add their kid's toys (I count 5 bikes today) and the assorted trash in their yard...

Sigh. I'm getting old. Keep off my lawn, you damn kids!

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