Sunday, April 01, 2007

Koha on Windows

I finally figured out how to partition my external hard drive so that I could save both Windows and Mac files to it, even though I've been told that I could save both file types without needing to partition. I decided that I would have better control with syncing if I put Windows files in one place and Mac files in another. But first I had to figure out a way to both partition and format as fat32 without using a DOS based program. You see, my external HD is USB, and no DOS program I found would even recognize that it was even connected to the computer. I used the disk utility that comes along with Windows XP to partition the drive and then used this program to format as fat32. Worked like a charm. I think. I haven't tried backing up my Mac yet, just the PC.

And just now, I successfully installed Koha on my PC. Yay me! It took 4 different installs/uninstalls of the Apache server. Koha didn't like the latest version of Apache, so I had to use an earlier one. Of course, I hadn't uninstalled the newer version, which caused a hiccup, but in the end I figured it all out. If I was Catholic, I would be going to confession right now for taking God's name in vain so many times. I must remember to tell the people who wrote up the Koha on Windows info that the latest version of Apache doesn't seem to work with Koha without editing conf files. Not hard to do, just needs to be noted. Hey, it hasn't been updated since 2004.

There was one scary moment where my system stalled, first because it was low on virtual memory, then because there was a Perl hiccup somewhere. But everything looks like it's working now. Hopefully it won't bite me in the ass later on. We'll see.

Now I've got to uninstall the pieces that are still on my Mac. And then back it up. Thanks to the commenter who offered help installing on a Mac, but I think I'm going to stick with the Windows version for now.

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Anand Kumar Pandey said...

Thats nice effort..but have you modified the httpd.conf file in order to set the OPAC and INTRANET??