Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Does the public library have a happy hour?

Having been to the American Library Association conference twice, I can attest to just what trouble drunken librarians can be. And it isn't a "gaggle" of librarians, it's a "shush." Get your group terms straight. You can even verify it yourself by checking The Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. Put that in your reference desk and file it, beeyotch.

Questionable Content cartoon on Drunken Librarians

Back to my exciting paper on Rare Books Cataloging. Maybe if I had a few drinks first it would be more interesting.


jenny said...

I am a little freaked out when drunk in libraries. I always feel like I am going to break something. Boston PL has been my favorite drunken library so far!h

smg55039 said...

Is there not a famous quote from a conference hotel manager to the effect that: Librarians are great guests. They are quiet, are out of the rooms durning the day so housekeeping can clean, and they drink more than the Foreign Legion.