Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Down to business

The semester is over. I finished all my classes. Maybe I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but they are done. Tonight I put all the materials for those classes away. Now all that is in my living room study area are a few printouts for upcoming Summer classes and the materials for my incomplete classes.

And I will get the damnable things (3 papers) done this week. Come hell or high water. And whatever other platitudes I can insert in there. I am going to Chicago next week for a conference/vacation and I want to actually enjoy a break before classes start up again on May 21.

Besides which, I've made myself a deal. I have God of War II sitting on a shelf staring at me. And I can't play it until I'm done writing. Also, I don't have a PS2 console (Richard does), so that handily keeps me from playing on the sly, being that the machine is across town in a completely different house.

And oh boy, do I feel the need for gratuitous violence, gore, and sex (not necessarily in that order) after this semester. And playing this game is probably the best way to get those particular needs fulfilled. At least, without leaving anyone with a permanent limp.

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