Sunday, October 22, 2006


I took great joy today in giving Missy her weekly treat of canned cat food. Normally, both cats just get dry kibble, but Missy really, really likes the (too expensive and stinky for every day) canned stuff. Misha could care less. I only buy the best quality food; no strange fillers and floor-sweepings for my kitties. Anyway, I had bought a can of food from the local health food store; it was rabbit-based. That's right, canned bunny!

Me: [in a really annoying, high-pitched voice, waving the can around] Bunny! Canned bunny! Who wants bunny for lunch?!
Missy: Meeeeeoooww!!! [which translates to "put the food down, bitch, I can't wait any longer and will trip you in two more seconds. Why the fuck do you feel a need to make me dance for my food?! Putitinthebowl. Putitinthebowl. Putitinthebowl. Now!]

Sigh. I need a life. It was funnier in my head.

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Mark said...

I haven't met Missy, but that's exactly how I envision it going. In other words, fairly damn funny!